We address the most Frequently Asked Questions during our customers journey

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What types of payment do you accept?

Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Credit Card, PayPal and Venmo.

Do you delivery boats over land?

Beacon Luxury Yacht Delivery does not deliver boats over land via truck.

How are delivery estimates calculated?

The cost to deliver a motor yacht depends on many factors including distance, anticipated speed of the vessel, condition of the vessel, condition of her systems, number of crew, route and time of year – all deliveries have different challenges.  Beacon Luxury Yacht Delivery will take these and other factors into consideration to estimate the number of days the delivery is expected to require and provide an estimated delivery service fee inclusive of crew wages and all anticipated expenses such as foods, fuel, oils, supplies, and transportation of the Captain and/or crew.

All expenses applicable to the vessel delivery will be paid by the owner.

Why does variant vessel speed change estimate costs?

Understanding that the largest variable in labor is vessel speed, if an owner provides a speed that they feel the vessel will maintain, an estimate will be provided based on that speed.  Should the vessel not maintain that speed because of weather, tide or current – the invoice will be for actual time required.  Estimates will assume that the vessel is in satisfactory condition to complete the delivery requested, notwithstanding substantially contrary weather or mechanical disruptions.  

Why might a delivery date be delayed?

Despite our best efforts to provide as accurate of a journey duration estimate as possible, unanticipated circumstances may cause delays resulting in a vessel delivery later than the preferred arrival date.  In such cases, first and foremost, the Captain will not place your vessel or the crew at hazard to meet a requested arrival date if it is otherwise impossible to achieve.  Daily crew rates will continue to apply in full for the additional time required to safely deliver your vessel.  For journeys that exceed the estimated number of days, additional funds will be due immediately upon journey completion.  If the journey takes less time than estimated, the Captain will refund any monies due.

Who's responsible for crew meals and lodging?

In the event that food preparation, storage, or adequate sleeping quarters are unavailable on the vessel, the owner would be responsible for crew meals and lodging.

How much notice is needed for a delivery?

Delivery reservations are required.  In the event more advance notice cannot be provided, every effort will be made to see whether a delivery can somehow be accommodated on short notice.

What's the process for a deliveries approval?

If you decide you want to proceed, we will send you the delivery documents for your signature approval and receive the agreed upon deposit no more than one week following contract execution (at risk of delivery cancellation).

Does the vessel run overnight?

In the interest of minimizing crew size (and expense) where possible, near coastal deliveries of motor vessels will typically only run during daylight hours; overnight anchorages will be sought whenever possible (vice marina moorings). 

What to expect once I request a quote online?

A quotation written in sufficient detail to show how the quote was calculated will be provided via email.

As stated, the total estimated delivery service fee will be inclusive of crew wages and all anticipated expenses such as foods, fuel, oils, supplies, and transportation of the Captain and/or crew.

Upon agreement between the owner and Beacon Luxury Yacht Delivery as to the terms of the vessel’s delivery, a written delivery contract will be provided for signature.  

What are the requirements for deliveries requiring offshore transit?

Motor vessel deliveries requiring offshore transits invariably will have larger crews (as required and to facilitate 24-hour operations).  In all cases, motor vessels will be run at optimal cruising speeds and trim to reduce fuel consumption and be as gentle on the engines as possible.

How are fuel costs calculated?

Fuel costs will be estimated based upon transit distance, fuel consumption or burn rates, and prevailing market prices.  While it is preferred that fuel costs be charged directly to an owner’s expense account, if for some reason this is not possible, estimated fuel costs will be included in the total estimated delivery service fee.

How does weather affect time and estimate costs?

If applicable, estimates for deliveries in Northern latitudes during the winter or in Southern latitudes during the summer may also account for additional estimated time due to unfavorable and/or challenging seas and weather.  

How much is due before delivery?

Fifty percent of the total estimated delivery service fee is to be advanced to Beacon Luxury Yacht Delivery within one week following contract execution, with the remaining fifty percent to be placed in escrow and released upon vessel delivery.

How are estimate overage refunds provided?

An itemized estimate of expense money for delivery of said vessel will be furnished to the owner by Beacon Luxury Yacht Delivery.  At the journey’s end, the Captain will provide an itemized list of all expenses actually incurred, which shall serve as the basis for final accounting with the owner.  If there are any remaining monies, they are to be returned to the owner.  If expenses exceed the amount advanced for expenses, then the owner will provide the additional funds when needed.